Norman Todd is hoping to play a role in helping future patients discover his same quality of life by taking part in a Foundation-funded clinical trial. “I appreciate all that the people who went before me did to help develop new treatments, and I want to do what I can to help someone else in the future.” Continue Reading

Norman Todd

Over the past three years, Jody Scott of Morton has battled cancer in multiple forms, but she’s never let it get her down. And when times were tough around the holidays, volunteers from the Foundation’s Trust in Hope program made her life a bit easier. “I was just beside myself when they came and brought a full Thanksgiving meal. They touched my soul.” Continue Reading

Jody Scott

Board of Directors

  • Thompson

    Tonda L. Thompson

    Foundation Executive Director
    Illinois CancerCare Foundation
  • Gerstner

    Greg Gerstner, MD

    Board President
    Illinois CancerCare
  • Baum

    Terry Baum

    Board Vice President
    Otto Baum
  • LeLindqwister

    Nguyet Le-Lindqwister, MD

    Board Secretary
    Illinois CancerCare
  • Fishkin

    Paul Fishkin, MD

    Board Treasurer
    Illinois CancerCare
  • Best

    Ann Best

  • Sinclair

    Craig A. Sinclair

    Central Illinois Orthodontic Associates, PC
  • Swank

    Robert Swank

    Commerce Trust Company
  • Timothy L. Williams

    Information Risk and Enterprise Security, Caterpillar Inc.